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About Us

Activate helps Denver-area businesses discover, retain, and develop motivated and loyal talent in hard-to-fill and high-turnover jobs. We're a human-centered recruitment and placement firm for low-to-middle skill employees, with a simple approach: we are the most selective and supportive recruitment firm, so that every placement we make has the greatest likelihood of long-term success. We do this by sourcing from trusted local workforce programs like Mile High Workshop, Upstream Impact, Cross Purpose, the Women's Bean Project, and Bud's Warehouse; screening for character and motivation as well as skill set; and supporting employee candidates after placement through regular on-site check-ins, personal development plans, and referrals to wrap-around services when appropriate.
Who We Are

Helen Young Hayes

Founder, CEO
[email protected]
In the 1990s and early 2000s, Helen built and managed two mutual fund portfolios to over $50 billion in assets while rising to Chief Investment Officer at Janus Capital. Helen has served on the boards of a number of anti-poverty organizations locally and abroad, and now brings the same dedication and focus to activate people out of poverty and into their human potential through the dignity of work.

Dan Kaskubar

Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]
Dan began his career serving opportunity youth in Denver, transitioned to providing consulting and evaluation services for federally-funded workplace programs, completed his MBA and moved into operations research and management, and was most recently the Executive Pastor of Hope Community Church in Denver. He longs to see more great people in more great jobs throughout the city.

Vince Trujillo

Talent Specialist
[email protected]
Prior to Activate, Vince was a teacher/mentor and an area director at Colorado Uplift, serving at-risk youth by building resiliency through long-term relationships and intensive life-coaching. In total, Vince has spent over 16 years helping people discover their potential and grow their character and skills.

Mary Wyciechowski

Manager of Talent Success
[email protected]
Mary has served in direct service, research, and administrative roles in nationally-recognized social enterprise and workforce development programs for 14 years. Most recently, she served as Program Manager at Women’s Bean Project in Denver. Mary has an MSW from Columbia University.
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