Activating Potential

We are an employer-centric and people-focused recruiting and coaching firm, creating equitable paths for people seeking careers and employers seeking talent. Our goal is a hopeful, vibrant future for both employees and employers through creating an economy of shared opportunity and shared prosperity. 

Elevating Business Through Our Humanity

Motivated by Virtue, Guided by Love

Activate is a team of purposeful and pragmatic recruiters and coaches. We believe that how we do the work is as important as the work to be done. Our mission is to activate individuals to achieve economic freedom through the dignity of work. And our goal is a hopeful, vibrant future for both employees and employers.

We achieve this by creating an economy of shared opportunity and shared prosperity. And together with Denver’s leading businesses, we build the bridge between talented individuals and high-growth, in-demand careers.


Activate Core Values


Love is the core of our business and takes its form through service, generosity, gratitude, appreciation, care, compassion, and forgiveness – for individuals, employers, and our community. We seek the best for others, every time.


Every individual deserves a second chance. We trust that no one is defined by their past and everyone can begin anew.


Hope is a vision for the future that changes you in the present. We envision a better future for the individuals we support, the employers with whom we partner, and the community programs we work alongside. Together, we will create an economy of shared opportunity and shared prosperity.


We strive for excellence, pouring our heart, soul, mind, and strength into our mission. And we expect the same of our candidates, employers, and community partners.


Even in the face of adversity, we find contentment and have gratitude.


We recognize that real transformation takes time. We are data-driven, agile, and make constant adjustments to our approach to ensure long-term impact.


We embrace opportunities for improvement in our everyone-wins recruiting approach. We confront mistakes and growth areas with bravery.


Reshaping the workforce ecosystem comes with many obstacles. Together with our employer and community partners, we persevere in tackling inequalities.


We treat everyone with respect because every individual has tremendous value.


We believe in being honest and fair in every circumstance and interaction.


We focus on what truly matters creating a workforce ecosystem that provides equitable access for individuals seeking high-growth, in-demand careers.

Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)

Activate Workforce Solutions is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). Colorado’s benefit corporation statute became effective on April 1, 2014, allowing socially-conscious entrepreneurs another entity option when starting a business. A Colorado public benefit corporation is a for-profit corporation that requires the company to be operated in a manner that is sustainable and beneficial to society and the environment.

As compared to a regular Colorado corporation, a Colorado public benefit corporation has these key differences:


  • The articles of incorporation must list one or more public benefits that the company strives to achieve.
  • The company must be managed to balance the pecuniary interest of the shareholder, the best interests of those affected by the company’s conduct, and the public benefits listed.
  • The company must prepare an annual benefit report with a description of how the company promoted the public benefits listed in the company’s articles of incorporation, any obstacles the company faced in promoting those public benefits, and an assessment of the overall social and environmental performance of the company against a third-party standard.

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