Activating potential.

But our work goes far beyond that.

Our mission is to activate low-income individuals into their inherent potential through the dignity of work. Together with our nonprofit and employer partners throughout the Denver metro area, we are building an alternative workforce ecosystem built on excellence. This creates first opportunities and second chances for those who not only need a job, but want a career and demonstrate the initiative and work ethic needed to get there.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • sourcing locally from trusted, proven workforce programs
  • screening with EEOC-compliant tools for motivation, job readiness, and character
  • supporting placements with 1-on-1 coaching and wrap-around services

Their commonality is a deep desire for more.

Our candidates have experienced situational or long-term poverty.

Some are formerly incarcerated; others were homeless or in substance abuse recovery.

We also work with refugees and individuals with disabilities.

Activate develops individuals as they journey out of poverty and complete work rehabilitation programs, acknowledging their talents and securing their credibility for employment during a difficult time.

Our objective is rooted in hope.

It’s been said that, “Hope is a vision of the future that changes you in the present.” People living in poverty will not make the transition to self-sufficiency without a better vision of the future. We help them crystallize that vision while our employer network provides the dignity that comes from a career-path job. Activate provides a solution both for people looking for more, and employers looking for talent. Now that’s hopeful.

Off welfare and on to a meaningful career.

Workforce programs have historically put a heavy emphasis on volume, and not enough on performance. Many programs focus on helping people get a job; few focus on growing the foundational skills needed to keep a job. Some believe the current system to be beyond repair. Activate disagrees, however. We believe that through orchestrating the pieces of the workforce development system that are functioning well, extraordinary people will produce astonishing results.

Stories of triumph are frequent.

The cycle of poverty stops, one person at a time. Broader society benefits as additional earnings and taxes are invested back into the community at large. Reliance on government subsidies is reduced. Recidivism and victimization costs decline. This momentum builds more stable individuals, families, and communities.

Activating Potential
We’re a Public Benefit Corporation creating transformational workplaces through intelligent workforce development.

Activate combines the talents of an expert in identifying potential, an expert in evaluating what really works, and experts in developing inspiring workforce programs. We are all trained coaches.

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