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Together with Denver’s leading businesses, workforce programs, nonprofit partners, and the community-at-large, we are activating the potential of people who want to secure economic mobility through the dignity of work.

Staying Connected During the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of creating economic stability. To date, none of Activate’s placements have been laid off. In their previous low-wage jobs, they likely would have been among the first workers to experience unemployment. The current crisis disproportionately impacts our nation’s most vulnerable low-income citizens; 40% of Americans cannot weather a $400 financial emergency. In addition to providing stable, career-path jobs, Activate’s placements have learned to save thousands of dollars from their salaries and are well-prepared to weather a crisis.

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Activate Workforce Solutions Featured on FAITH & CO

"You can help employers AND employees, see the untapped potential they bring to the table. Helen Hayes founded a placement firm in Denver to unlock the hidden talents of overlooked and undervalued workers trapped in the cycle of poverty. Activate Workforce Solutions...

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