Few organizations have weathered the pandemic as well as those focused on technology or serving high-tech clients. But the lopsided economic recovery has created challenges for employers looking to fill critical roles.

“We provide white-glove customer success, inside sales, and retention solutions to the global 2000,” said Andrew Jones, VP of global talent acquisition and human resources at ServiceSource. “We deliver outcomes to large organizations that help them sustain and grow their revenue. The ultimate goal here is that we are helping companies retain and grow their revenue.”

As ServiceSource’s client base has grown over the past several years, so too has its need to hire quality candidates. Like many organizations, ServiceSource takes pride in its diverse and inclusive workforce and takes a broader view of diversity than a candidate’s race or gender, including employees who might need a second chance at work. But expanding an organization’s talent pipeline beyond the traditional routes takes focused and deliberate work. “How do we make sure we’re doing everything we can to hire the most diverse workforce,” Andrew asked, including people who “are serious about doing something different and improving their situation?”

A few months ago, Andrew’s questions led ServiceSource to initiate a partnership with Activate Work, an organization dedicated to activating the potential of talented individuals for high-growth, in-demand career pathways. Activate’s comprehensive approach to finding, training, and retaining talent helps bridge the gap between job seekers with diverse or nontraditional employment backgrounds and employers needing to find reliable talent.

“I think what Activate has been able to do is solve the problem that all of us are trying to solve: ‘How can you tell if people are really serious?’,” Andrew explained. “I like their approach that ‘We’ll invest in you, but you’ve got to invest in us.’”

That investment recently paid off for Julie Burke, an Activate graduate who secured a job with ServiceSource. Julie was laid off by her former employer in early 2020 as the economy contracted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With few other resources to fall back on, she connected with Activate after a conversation with a neighbor.

With the help of her Activate coaches, Julie revised her resume, practiced interviews, and worked through personality assessments to determine the best options for employment.

“Activate did a lot of the groundwork in finding [a job] that was a good fit for me,” Julie explained. “At that point I was feeling pretty discouraged; it was nice to have someone else helping me out.”

But Activate’s involvement doesn’t end once a candidate secures a job, and it extends well beyond traditional resume reviews and interview coaching. Instead, graduates receive ongoing coaching for up to a year to work through transitions and ensure quality employee retention.

“I also really like that once a candidate is matched and hired, the team is still engaged,” Andrew shared. “They spend time with the graduates to make sure they’re successful; the relationship doesn’t just stop once a graduate is hired.” For Julie, this post-placement coaching included help with setting financial goals so she and her wife could eventually purchase a house – a goal she achieved earlier this year.

“I appreciated that Activate was checking in with me so regularly,” she explained. “They made sure I was presenting myself in the best possible way for the first few months of the job.”

Activate provides employers like ServiceSouce with a centralized and scalable pipeline of pre-vetted and skilled talent. Candidates like Julie represent a diverse pool of qualified talent with the business professional skills critical in today’s workplace.

“Activate has been methodical and thoughtful about their approach and what they do,” Andrew said. “And for those reasons, we will continue to partner with them.”