Reimagining recruiting…

from the ground up.

Activate connects overlooked and undervalued talent with employers searching for career-ready employees. By focusing on quality instead of quantity, we are able to deliver “rock star” employees who are more productive, better engaged and more committed to their jobs and employers for the long-term.

What we do:

Identify undiscovered talent.

We are a one-stop shop for the top graduates from over 20 of the strongest local workforce development programs. From this often-untapped talent pool, we look for skills that predict on-the-job success, including: work ethic, initiative, follow-through and coachability. Our focus is pinpointing candidates who have a stake in maintaining employment and building a career.

Match the right candidate to the right job.

Our unique screening process is designed to find jobs that allow our candidates to unleash their potential. Thanks to this targeted approach, nearly  two-thirds of our candidates who interview for a position get hired – that’s a success rate three times higher than the average recruiting firm.

Coach to increase retention.

Our coaching sets us apart. Unlike other recruiters, we really roll our sleeves up after placement. We provide each placed candidate with one-on-one professional development coaching, equipping them with the professional and life skills that lead to long-term success. Over ninety percent of our skilled placements are working at the same employer six months after being hired.

Not a Social Proposition – It’s Business
A recruiting model designed for the long-term – focused on training and retention in the low-to-middle skill labor market.

Enhancing Excellent Workforce Programs
We work shoulder-to-shoulder with the best career readiness programs in the metro area and build on their strong foundation.

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