A Community Partnership

Activate and Colorado Concern are partnered together to create economic diversity and scalability for Colorado. Through Activate’s community network with MSU and CareerWise Colorado, Colorado Concern companies have the opportunity to fill professional positions, collegiate leadership roles, and youth apprenticeships.

Building a Diverse and Productive Workforce for Colorado

Community Network with MSU and CareerWise

Activate Workforce Solutions is partnered with Colorado Concern to provide a centralized, scalable, and diverse talent pipeline that will create on-ramps to career pathways for individuals seeking professional careers, college students interested in leadership and career development, and high school students exploring youth apprenticeships. 

MSU Activate Leadership Program

We are now accepting applications for the Metropolitan State University Activate Leadership Program. Interested MSU Students can learn more & apply here:

Professional Careers, Collegiate Programs, and Youth Apprenticeships 

The Colorado Concern goal is to create pathways for 400 individuals into professional careers, collegiate programs, and youth apprenticeships over the next five years. 


For early- to mid-career positions

Activate Workforce Solutions, PBC is an employer-centric and people-focused recruiting and coaching firm that creates an equitable path for individuals seeking careers and employers seeking talent.

We also have an IT training program called ActivateIT Powered by Per Scholas that delivers a comprehensive approach to developing tech talent which includes curriculum design, career readiness coaching, and job placement. 

Learn more about the recruiting for retention model of Activate Workforce Solutions…>>


For college student positions

In partnership with MSU, Activate is building a student success pathway from university into careers that create economic mobility.

In this one-year Activate Leadership Program, students commit to full-time summer employment and part-time fall and spring employment and receive Activate’s professional development coaching throughout the year. Upon graduation, employers may transition students into full-time positions with post-placement coaching through Activate for long-term success

Why MSU?

  • Named 5th most innovative university in the West
  • 57% are first-generation college students
  • 96% of students are from CO and 80% of graduates remain in CO
  • 48% represent a diverse population and serves the Latinx-serving institution

Learn more about the MSU Activate Leadership Program…>>


For apprenticeship positions

In partnership with CareerWise Colorado (CWC), Activate is committed to a youth apprenticeship program. Students work alongside seasoned professionals in this multi-year program.

Both CWC and Activate work to ensure candidates are recruited through a competitive process and supported with supplemental programs including development, training, and coaching.

Why CWC?

  • Adapted from Swee apprenticeship system
  • Filling the gap for youth that are not college-bound

Learn more about the CareerWise youth apprenticeship program…>>

Diversity as a Talent Strategy

By hiring from diverse, skilled talent pools, Colorado Concern organizations can:

  • Increase candidate pipeline volume, improving recruiting outcomes
  • Meet DEI and CSR goals
  • Boost profitability

McKinsey & Company Study: Diverse Companies Perform Better

A recent McKinsey & Company research report concluded that companies in the top quartile for diversity are 35% more likely to experience above-average profitability than those at the bottom.


Together, Activate and Colorado Concern are creating economic diversity and scalability for Colorado.

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