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Metropolitan State University (MSU) Denver and Activate Workforce Solutions created the Activate Leadership Program to enable students to build critical professional skills, develop confidence, assimilate into the workplace, and harness the power of their unique perspectives. This is a one-year, paid internship opportunity with a participating Colorado Concern company.

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Activate Leadership Program

The mission of the MSU Denver Activate Leadership Program (ALP) is to challenge, motivate and train MSU Rising Seniors through the framework of professional development and work-based learning. This initiative enables students to build critical professional skills, develop confidence, assimilate into the workplace, and harness the power of their unique perspectives. 

MSU Seniors will spend one year in an intensive internship with a participating Colorado Concern employer across multiple industries, including healthcare, business services, financial services, banking, and information technology (IT).

applications now open!

We are accepting applications for the one-year MSU Activate Leadership Program. Rising seniors are encouraged to apply. 

Activate Leadership Program Structure

In the 12-month Activate Leadership Program, students commit to full-time summer employment and part-time fall and spring employment. During the program, ALP Individuals receive Activate’s professional development coaching throughout the year. Upon graduation, employers may transition students into full-time positions.

ALP Individuals receive support from Colorado Concern Managers and an Activate Professional Development Coach.

Colorado Concern Managers participating in the Activate Leadership Program are responsible for:

  • Developing tasks and projects to develop desired skills and competencies
  • Sharing networking opportunities with ALP Individuals
  • Sharing the successes and growth opportunity feedback with the ALP Coach, monthly
  • Assigning weekly projects and monitoring progress
  • Evaluating the ALP Individual’s final project presentation at the program’s conclusion

Each Activate Leadership Program Individual is assigned a Professional Development Coach who is responsible for:

  • Providing monthly individual coaching sessions
  • Providing monthly professional development seminars
  • Reviewing the successes and growth opportunity feedback from Colorado Concern Managers
  • Supporting the ALP Individual with a final project presentation



During the 12-months of work-based learning and professional development coaching, MSU students participating in the Activate Leadership Program can expect to develop the following competencies:

workplace competencies

  • Critical Thinking: processing, analyzing, and synthesizing data to make smart decisions
  • Proactive Mentality: anticipating behavior and offsetting problems before they arise
  • Quality Assurance Control: applying detail orientation to work quality
  • Time Accountability: tactics to meet critical deadlines
  • Quick Learner: efficiently processing information to rapidly problem solve
  • Relationship Cultivation: finding alignment and harmony in workplace relationships
  • Technology Integration: building an aptitude for learning and utilizing technology
  • Active Listening: effective note taking and follow up

professional development competencies

  • Critical Thinking: processing, analyzing, and synthesizing data to make smart decisions
  • Professional Mindset: navigating the corporate culture shock
  • Emotional Intelligence: conducting oneself with awareness to difficult people and situations
  • Work Ethic: taking initiative, following through, and remaining coachable
  • Leadership: becoming acutely aware of one’s own leadership style
  • Networking: successfully navigating networking events
  • Personal Brand Management: building and maintaining a strong reputation
  • Active Listening: effective note taking and follow up


Together, Activate and Colorado Concern are creating economic diversity and scalability for Colorado.

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