Enhancing excellent workforce programs.

We enrich one another.

Your program graduates benefit from improved outcomes in wages and retention rates by utilizing our network of employers and our added support. For example, one program partner was previously placing their graduates into jobs with wages at less than $10 per hour, on average. Their recent graduates placed through Activate have averaged wage rates of over $14 per hour, an increase of 44%. This does not include benefits, which add at least $3 per hour in most cases.

Activate provides your program with feedback about the performance of your graduates, so you can make adjustments that make a real difference and lead to more qualified graduates.

Activating Potential
We’re a Public Benefit Corporation creating transformational workplaces through intelligent workforce development.

Quality Candidates and Community Connection
We only source from the best local career readiness programs. We do the work of carefully vetting candidates so you don’t have to.

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