We have the right people for you.

Activate’s system:

Produces more quality candidates
All candidates are graduates of the best local career readiness programs
Our process funnel: at least 15 hours of screening prior to each endorsement
Result: Interview-to-hire rates more than double the industry average

Provides more certainty for a successful hire
Our coaching improves performance, develops trust, and makes employees feel valued
Average increases of $19,700 in our placements’ annual earnings are motivating
Result: Our placements are often considered “rock stars” by supervisors

Reduces costly turnover
Replacing an employee costs from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary
Our system improves retention rates by 3X+, even in high-turnover and hard-to-fill jobs
Result: Minimum savings of $12,000 in hiring costs for each Activate placement

Connects you to the community
We are a single point-of-contact connected to multiple exemplary community programs
We are a liaison to link you to local workforce centers and government incentives
Result: Cost-effective, purposeful hiring decisions you can feel great about

Improves workplace culture and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
A majority of our candidates are female
A majority of our candidates are from minority populations
More earnest and loyal employees in your workplace
Impact that demonstrates you are committed to a positive, long-term vision of the future
Result: Improved employee satisfaction and engagement throughout your workforce

We reduce risk.

Activate reduces hiring risk through careful selection, rigorous screening, demanding preparation, and 12 months of coaching after the hire. By the time we introduce our candidate to you, they’ve spent several weeks or months with one of our nonprofit partner programs, preparing for their career. They’ve gone through another 15 hours of screening and preparation with us to ensure they are career-ready, motivated, and equipped with the right experience and talents. Our coaching activates our candidates into empowered goal-achievers who have learning mindsets and are focused on the long-term, in- and outside the workplace.

Result: Candidates who make it through our process won’t just stay, they’ll become next-level performers. Our business model depends on it.

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A unique, employer-focused approach to talent acquisition, talent development, and comprehensive workforce development.

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We’re seeking employers in manufacturing, trades, healthcare, financial services, business services, and retail who understand the strong value that comes with investing in employees for the long term.

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