Putting the work in workforce development.

We’ve been referred to as “the perfect partner to HR” for our placements. Through our lengthy screening process, we build a personal connection and trusted relationship with each person we place. Since we are not the employer, we can proactively address the many variables outside the workplace that may impact performance, and immediately connect our placements with the right community resources. Our placements are activated into the best employees they can be.

Talent Acquisition: hard-working candidates, data-driven assessment, and laser-focused matching

In Denver, even with unemployment rates at record lows, there are many people who not only need a job, but want one. We aggregate proven candidates from multiple transitional employment and foundational skills programs in the Denver area. Using data-driven screening supported by PAIRIN, Activate assesses candidates for experience, behaviors, aptitudes, and interests. We emphasize social and emotional skills because you can get a job without those skills, but you won’t keep it. According to research by SRI International and the Carnegie Foundation, 75% of long-term job success comes from having well-developed soft and people skills. We only make a match when everything aligns. And we only place into permanent, career-track positions with benefits.

Talent Development: values-based coaching, customized training, and apprenticeship design

We support every placement with targeted coaching for personal and professional development, leading to increases in productivity, retention, and wages. Our goal for our career-minded placements is not merely poverty alleviation, but wealth creation. Wealth creation requires career growth; we emphasize exhibiting value to supervisors through initiative, hustle, and old-fashioned hard work.

We don’t pretend to know how to train our placements in the hard skills necessary for the career-track jobs they are placed into. Instead, we work directly with our employers to design highly contextualized training and find the right local resources to support it. Increasingly, registered apprenticeship provides an excellent option for our employers, and we can help develop the right apprenticeship for you.

Workforce Development: connecting the pieces that are working, to create 4 wins at once

We create solutions that haven’t before existed in the marketplace. For example, the CoorsTek training center is a first-of-its-kind program in advanced manufacturing. For the first time in its 130+ year history, CoorsTek is outsourcing a piece of its production to Mile High WorkShop, one of our nonprofit work experience partners. The program provides technical skills and eventual job placement into career-path jobs at CoorsTek. Our network of nonprofits provides talent, and Activate assesses, matches, and coaches them.

It’s a win for CoorsTek, which receives cross-trained employees who are immediately productive and able to fill a variety of positions needed across their manufacturing facilities.

It’s a win for Mile High WorkShop, which receives investment to expand and upgrade their program while they provide customized hard skills training and credentialing, and manufacture a commercial product for CoorsTek.

It’s a win for our candidates, who access livable wage, permanent, full-time jobs with a pathway.

It’s a win for the broader community, which benefits as individuals move from dependence to dignity.

A final clarification about our services: we are not a staffing agency. Temp agencies provide legitimate services and provide a “try-before-you-buy” experience that has value in many contexts. They work best for employers and employees when they provide valuable experiences that lead to permanent employment. However, it is our conviction that they have become an overused, de-facto option that legitimizes an uncommitted relationship between an employer and their workforce. Conversion to permanent status is becoming less frequent, particularly for candidates such as ours. This is to the detriment of both employers and employees. Activate directly competes with this model because we believe it extracts value from its users; our model is designed to empower and create value within its users.

Not a Social Proposition – It’s Business
A recruiting model designed for the long-term – focused on training and retention in the low-to-middle skill labor market.

Enhancing Excellent Workforce Programs
We work shoulder-to-shoulder with the best career readiness programs in the metro area and build on their strong foundation.

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